Ever Supremes’ commitment to leading on world's top cell therapy research and development groups to improve the health of the world and enhance the quality of medical treatment and life.

Ever Supreme has a number of innovative and breakthrough patents and technologies, and has gathered a number of research and development teams and consultants with professional doctoral and master's in medical backgrounds in Taiwan and oversea.  Ever Supreme is committed to the research and development on new drugs for stem cells and cancer immune cells, and take challenges on resolving bottlenecks of existing medical treatment, and offer innovative, effective personalized precision medical services.

Ever Supreme is looking forward to the future by becoming the driven force behind Taiwan’s biotechnology and medical industry, as well as an advanced cell pharmaceutical company in the Asia-Pacific region.  Also, by collaborating the world’s top peers to move towards a new era for precision personalized medicine and carry out the spirit of company mottos—"Life Hope, Wish Health" Spirit.