Ethical Cpmpliance Reporting

At Ever Supreme, integrity has always been the most important value as the company culture and business philosophy. Ever Supreme has promised to uphold integrity in all business activities, and will never allow corruption or any forms of frauds.  Please let us know when you find that an employee of Ever Supreme or any one representing Ever Supreme is suspicious on behavior or may violate Ever Supreme’s code of ethics. Your reporting will be handled directly by the senior executive of the company.

Unless otherwise stated by laws, we will keep all the personal information you provided confidential as well as your personal information and privacy imposed by law.

1. The personal data provided by you, including your name, phone number, and email address, may be processed and used for the purpose of investigation and the contact during the investigation; if the investigation is necessary, Ever Supreme may pass your personal information to the Authorities.
2. You may not report knowingly false and deliberately fabricating facts. If the report is later proven to be malicious or deliberately fabricating false statements, you shall burden the relevant legal responsibility.
3. For the purpose of speeding up investigation and resolve the controversial as soon as possible, please provide us relevant specific information and documents as detailed as possible. If the relevant information and documents are not available, Ever Supreme will not be able to initiate the investigations.
4. All the relevant information received from the discussion between by Ever Supreme and you shall not be disclosed to a third party, except as required by law enforcement.  You may not file a lawsuit based on the content of the contact between Ever Supreme and you, nor use the contacts as relevant information for the lawsuit.
Not member of Ever Supreme Employee of Ever Supreme