Ethical Cpmpliance Reporting

Ever Supreme Bio Technology holds integrity and trust as the most important value of the company's culture and the first priority of its business philosophy. Ever Supreme has always committed to good faith in all business activities, and no corruptive nor any form of frauds are allowed. Please let us know when you find that Ever Supreme employees or anyone on behalf of Ever Supreme conducts suspicious behavior or may violate Ever Supremes’ ethical code of conduct. We will handle the reporting information directly to the senior director of the company.

Except as otherwise provided by law, we will keep your personal data confidential and take appropriate measures to protect your personal data and privacy in accordance with the law.


1. The personal information you provided, including your name, phone number, and email address, may be processed and used by Ever Supreme Bio Technology for the purpose of the investigation; if necessary, Ever Supreme Bio Technology may pass your personal information to the subsidiary.

  1. You must not knowingly and deliberately fabricate the facts. If the report proves to be malicious or deliberately fabricate false statements, you must bear your own legal liability.
  2. In order to investigate and resolve the problem as soon as possible, please provide us all relevant information and documents. If the relevant information and documents are not complete, Ever Supreme Bio Technology will not be able to investigate.
  3. All or part of the contact information provided by Ever Supreme Bio Technology shall not be disclosed to anyone, except as required by law, you may not use the information exchanged between Ever Supreme Biotech and you to file a lawsuit, or use the information exchanged as evidence.
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